Working out with your significant other

There seem to be two camps when it comes to the idea of working out with your significant other: 1. No way! 2. No other way! Well, either way, there is some research that will either challenge your resistance or will validate your lifestyle. Let’s see what’s what in the workouts plus one.

Trigger Passion

If you’re in the “no way” camp, there’s some research that may sway your opinion. When couples participate together in new and exciting activities, they report feeling more satisfied in their relationship – even to the point where they possibly feel more in love with their partner.

But what happens when the newness wears off? The same researchers released a later study that suggested the key is finding a physically arousing activity – you know, something like… oh, I don’t know… exercise! This results in a boost in building your relationship with your significant other.

Enjoy the Workout

Another study shows people enjoy their workout more when they share it with someone they know. Thus, they will also stick with a routine when they work out with this someone they know – a significant other will do. A separate study shows that working out with a partner provides the emotional support driving the commitment to working out. See? Your significant other is motivating you!

Positive Influence

A JAMA Internal Medicine study found that when a romantic partner made an improved change in a health-related behavior, their partner was likely to join them. Of the two most influential changes, beginning to exercise was one of these positive changes. Having a consistently healthy partner with a history of exercising made it likely someone will adopt their partner’s habits. You can be the positive influence on your significant other!