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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Best socks ever

      Most comfortable socks. Why did you discontinue this great product? Broken-hearted. Would have bought more.

      Not the same

      For years (decades?), I’ve worn these socks, pretty much exclusively. When they arrived this time, the socks were much longer in length, meaning, they came considerably higher up my calf. I did not care for this change.
      Also, the black socks have a band of white along the top now. Very unattractive. The black socks, too, come much further up the calf. (3-4” higher)
      It’s bad enough Wright’s does not sell these socks in a tan color, however, adding a white stripe atop a black sock kills it for me.
      Why do companies think they need to improve on a product that can’t be topped? Instead, this is what happens. A great product becomes cheapened in the face of “progress”.
      Leave well enough alone, Wrights.
      A disappointed customer

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