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Nice, but could be taller

I have been wearing double layer Wright socks forever, loved them, and finally needed a few new pairs. The Escape Crew socks are very nice. They feel good. The light padding is great. But, no matter how hard I pull them up, they are not as long (tall?,high?) as my old Wright socks. And I wish they were. Otherwise I like them .

Escaping Misery

I wore these bad boys for 48 hours, only taking them off to sleep once (and only for 5 hours).

These stood strong and confident against the tests of JRTC at Fort Polk, LA... known to be one of the most miserable military training events known to US Soldiers.

Those 48 hours swung from 30 degree temps at night while moving around under load to 65 degree temps during the day.

I have swamp feet and these guys didn’t give me any blisters or hot spots at all. They never fell below my boot opening.

15 out of 10 would recommend to any Service Members looking to ditch the terrible issue socks.

Better than my Nike and Fox Rivers.

love them

Cozy, warm, stay up socks

gave me blisters

gave me blisters during my hike. my shoes are not new. been worn with other socks that haven't given me blisters

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