5 Useful Easter Basket Surprises for Kids and Adults

If you’re throwing an Easter-themed party or celebration, you can give your guests a gift they’ll never forget by putting together an Easter basket. As you look for presents to include in an Easter basket that children and their parents will both love, it’s a great idea to make the gifts useful while still keeping them fun. Create the perfect Easter basket by checking out some of our favorite gift ideas below:

1. LEGO Easter Sets

LEGOs are some of the best gifts to give children. They help kids get immersed in their imagination, grow their creativity, and even improve their problem-solving skills. You can find plenty of Easter-themed LEGO sets, such as LEGO Easter rabbits and Easter bunny huts. Kids will love putting one of these sets together, and parents will have fun helping them. 

2. Seed Kits

With the spring in swing, a seed kit can be a fun gift for a child and their parent to work on together. These kits usually come with a pot, seeds, and soil, making it easy for a child to start learning more about how plants are grown. Since a parent will likely need to help their child plant the seeds and water the flowers, it can be a fun bonding experience for them both.

3. Sets of Easter-themed Chalk

Another fun Easter bag surprise is a set of egg- or bunny-shaped sidewalk chalk. Kids will love this spin on chalk, and a set will encourage them to stay outside longer. You can also find various Easter-themed chalk stencil sets featuring the shapes of eggs, flowers, and bunnies for kids to fill in. Besides giving kids fun new materials to draw and color with, a set of chalk can encourage kids to get involved with art and flex their creative muscles at a young age.

4. Spring-themed Bath Bombs

At your Easter celebration, make the parents happy by including a few Spring or Easter-themed bath bombs in their baskets. You can find plenty of beautiful, egg-shaped bath bombs that will fit your party’s theme and give adults something they can use to relax. After a day of running around on Easter egg hunts, plenty of parents will love how a bath bomb gives them an excuse to take a moment to destress later in the evening.

5. Pairs of Kids Anti-Blister Socks

When you want to give a gift that mixes style and usefulness, you’ll love anti-blister socks. At Wrightsock, we designed kids blister-free socks that feature friction-absorption, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulation technology. Due to all these features, these socks prevent the main causes of blisters, helping kids have more fun while playing outside. Besides including just a pair of kids anti-blister socks, throw in a pair or two for the parents to really make the gift memorable.

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