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    Travel always involves a level of uncertainty. Even our most certain travel plans can go awry. Will your car break down, requiring you to walk along the side of the highway? Will your flights get delayed? What happens if the weather forecast changes unexpectedly? There’s no predicting all the potential travel adjustments you’ll need to make, which is why it’s so important to prepare yourself accordingly. That’s why travel socks are so important.

    Blisters can derail an entire trip—and unfortunately, those mad dashes across an airport or bus station create the perfect conditions for them to form. Moisture combines with friction to create blister hotspots on our feet—and the only protection is a pair of guaranteed no-blister travel socks, like our Coolmesh II Crew or our Explore Multi Sport Quarter socks. Both of these socks contain Wrightsock’s special double-layer technology, which wicks away moisture while you walk. That means they’re also perfect for keeping your feet dry—even if unexpected rain appears in your forecast. They’re also easy to wash and quick to dry when you’re on the go!

    But that’s not the only benefit of double-layer travel socks. By wicking away moisture, they also help prevent the conditions that allow for foot odor to form. In other words, you’re not the only one who will appreciate your travel socks—your travel companions will be grateful. Wool travel socks like our Merino Wool Coolmesh II Crew socks have the double benefit of keeping your feet dry AND warm! They’re the perfect choice for traveling during those winter months.

    If you’re traveling in hotter temperatures, consider a pair of our Ultra Thin Tab or Ultra Thin Lo Quarter. These single-layer socks offer a minimal feel to keep you comfortable no matter where your travels take you.

    Looking to learn more about Wrightsock’s different styles of travel socks? Reach out to us today!
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