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Lightweight Plus Socks


    View our collection of Lightweight Plus Anti-Blister Double Layer socks. These socks provide more material under your foot for comfort without sacrificing the thin feel. We stand behind our No Blister Guarantee 100%

    Our Lightweight Plus socks are slim enough to ensure your feet fit into even snug running shoes and don’t feel suffocated in extra fabric. But while slim, their double-layer protection makes sure your feet remain properly protected from blisters. Double-layer socks wick away excess moisture and prevent hotspots—which are the two major contributors to the development of blisters.    

    Our Lightweight Plus blister-proof socks are the perfect choice for a variety of activities. For medium-to-long distance running, where the slightest extra padding can help, our Running II socks are a perfect choice. Check out the numerous styles and lengths of our Running II below.

     Are you planning on traveling? Our Explore/Travel Crew are the perfect blister-proof socks to ensure you’re protected from whatever your journey throws at you.

    And for the early birds/night owls, our Run Reflective Mini Crew socks make sure you stay seen even on dark roads—while keeping your feet protected from blisters.

    Do you have any questions about our Lightweight Plus Double Layer socks? Reach out to us today.

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