Do Kids Need Anti-Blister Socks?

As a parent, you naturally want to protect your children in every way possible. One challenge that can be hard to stay ahead of is childhood blistering. Why do your children keep getting blisters? Do your kids need blister-free socks? The experts at Wrightsock are here to answer all of your questions about blister prevention for children. 

Why Do Children Get Blisters?

So why do children get blisters in the first place? Understanding the driving factors behind these nuisances can help you be on the lookout for issues.  There are a few different reasons why children are especially susceptible to blistering:

First, children tend to be more active. 

Between running, playing, sports, recess, and other activities, children tend to be on their feet more than their parents. The friction, heat, and moisture of these activities cause blisters. (You can read more here about the science behind blisters).

Second, kids have sensitive feet. 

In general, a child’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin, which makes it much more sensitive. A study published in the National Library of Medicine reports that children’s skin starts to gradually thicken once they are two months old.It does not fully develop until age 13-15. 

As you might know from experience, blisters can find teens and adults as well. However, until the skin is fully developed, your child will be especially prone to blisters and other wounds. 

Third, growth spurts lead to poorly-fitting shoes. 

We have all heard the term “growing like a weed,” but many people do not fully understand this saying until they see how quickly their child can grow overnight. It might seem like your child is growing faster than you can buy new shoes. When their shoes become too tight, they magnify friction against the skin—quickly leading to blisters. Young children’s feet are particularly susceptible, enough that blisters on toddlers' feet from shoes are fairly common.

Conversely, many parents understandably choose the next shoe size up when shopping for children. This helps avoid paying for shoes that their child will quickly outgrow. However, loose-fitting shoes create constant movement and friction against the skin. 

An additional challenge here is that new athletic shoes can create blisters. Because children outgrow their shoes so quickly, they constantly have to “break in” new shoes. This stiff material can be less forgiving than worn shoes—making them more likely to cause blisters. 

Finally, children often wear the wrong socks.

Especially with younger children, you might find that your child wants to dress head-to-toe in clothing representing their favorite characters each day. This often extends to the socks they want to wear. While these animated socks might look fun, they are often designed more for appearance than they are for quality or protection. Thankfully, like these children’s anti-blister socks, you can find blister-protection socks for your kid that are fun, attractive, colorful, and affordable while also providing high-quality protection. 

What Should I Do If My Kid Gets a Blister?

So what can you do when a child keeps getting blisters on feet, heels, or their ankles? If your child is getting uncomfortable blisters, the two main areas of focus you can jump into are treatment and prevention. Let’s take a closer look.

Treatment: How to Treat Children’s Blisters

So how do you treat blisters that your child might get? Here is a look at children’s blister treatment. 

  • Keep the area clean: Blisters leave your child’s feet vulnerable. To avoid infection or worsened pain, keep the area clean.
  • Do not pop the blister: Again, for emphasis, do not pop your child’s blister. The fluid inside the blister helps keep the area clean, prevents infection, and promotes quicker healing. If they pop on their own, you can treat them with a dab of antibiotic ointment. 
  • Bandage: Should you put a Bandaid on a blister? Some experts believe that leaving the area uncovered can help speed up the healing process. During the day, you might consider covering the area with a Bandaid for blister protection, if you fear it will face any irritations. Bandaids can also help keep any topicals (like antibiotic ointment) intact. 

As the blister heals, you can take some time to focus on blister prevention for children. 

Prevention: How to Prevent Blisters on Kids

As you might suspect, prevention is always the best recourse when it comes to childhood blisters. So how do you prevent your kids from getting blisters?

Thankfully, the solution is simple: anti-blister socks for kids. One of the easiest ways to prevent blisters is to buy your child the best anti-blister socks. These kids’ socks for blister prevention absorb the friction and heat that tear away at your child's skin. They can also help prevent moisture, lessen foot odor, and improve your child’s comfort. Best of all, anti-blister kids' socks like those at Wrightsock are proven and guaranteed to keep their feet protected. 

For added prevention, you will want to partner your anti-blister kid’s socks with well-fitting shoes. While it can be hard to maintain properly fitting shoes for quick-growing children, you can adjust the laces to help prevent blisters and replace the shoes when necessary. 

Children’s Anti-Blister Sport Sock

So do kids need anti-blister sports socks? The short answer is yes. One of the primary culprits for childhood blisters is sports. Not only can blistering put your kid’s feet at risk, but it can also slow them down on the field. 

If you know the feeling a blister creates with each step, you know how hard it can be to ignore. Even so, most adults can push past this pain to enjoy their hike, walk, or athletic adventure. Kids, on the other hand, have much more sensitive feet. As such, blisters will slow them down much more than they would for an adult. Kid’s blister-free sports socks are the one-stop solution. 

Anti-blister sports socks are perfect for soccer, baseball, track/running, volleyball, skating, tee-ball, kickball, football, cheerleading, and more. 

Wrightsock Blister-Free Socks For Kids

The experts at Wrightsock create the best anti-blister socks for all ages—including a line designed especially for children. Our patented Double Layer™ system is guaranteed to prevent blisters—or you will get your money back. You can view our sizing guide here, explore our collection of Anti-Blister Kids Socks, or contact us with any questions you may have to get started today!