How to Keep Your New Year's Fitness Resolution

Like most of us, there’s a good chance one of your new year’s resolutions is upping your fitness game and taking better care of yourself. Whether that’s joining a gym, spending more time outdoors, or working out from the comfort of your home, it’s essential to have the right gear in making resolutions for the year ahead.

Some of this might seem obvious: gym equipment, running sneakers, backpacks for hiking, etc. But something often gets overlooked in this discussion. Socks! That’s where Wrightsock comes in. Our anti-blister socks are perfect for running, hiking, or even just walking down your favorite trail. Because who wants to cut their run short due to painful, avoidable blisters?

Here are a few reasons why our double-layer socks can help you achieve your fitness goals for 2023.

The Double-Layer Function

Our Double-layer socks have a blister-free guarantee, precisely what you need when hitting the trail. So how do they work? Wrightsock’s double-layer design eliminates the three leading causes of blisters: friction, heat, and excessive moisture, which are bound to happen when you’re running, hiking, or walking. 

The inner sock acts as a second skin that guards your feet against moisture, while the outer layer works by eliminating friction. In other words, our double-layer socks are the perfect investment while you invest in your health.

The Perfect Socks for Running

It’s not just the anti-blister function that makes our double-layer socks desirable to runners. It’s also their ability to absorb shock. Running, while healthy for you, does put your feet through the wringer. Our double-layer socks, particularly the Explore Multi Sport edition, are perfect for decreasing shock, as their multiple layers help with the absorption that comes with running. 

If you prefer running through the woods rather than a track, our double-layer socks are still the perfect fit for your fitness journey. Friction absorption, a snug fit, moisture-wicking fabric, extra cushioning, and high durability are all important features in finding the perfect socks for trail running. With Wrightsock, your search for that perfect fit ends here.

Safety First

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in starting a new fitness journey is finding the time. Many of us work long hours, and some of us are up before dawn. For this reason, many exercise before the sun rises, or later in the evening after work.

As we begin our fitness journey during the darkest months of the year, it’s crucial we prioritize our safety. This means making ourselves visible to passersby, especially those who might be behind the wheel. 

That’s why Wrightsock’s created the Run Reflective edition, our double-layer socks designed with your safety in mind. These anti-blister pairs feature glass micro beads attached to the yarn, making a 360 reflective stripe that aids your visibility. Of course, taking other steps to ensure a safe walk or run is important, but our Run Reflective pair will get you off to a good start.

The Perfect Socks for Any Climate

While many runners take their workout indoors this time of year, the truth is that not all of us have access to an elliptical, and many don’t have gym memberships. The new year begins with some of the coldest months of the year, and if you live in a colder climate, it’s important to invest in socks that will keep you warm. 

Wrightsock has you covered with our Winter Run edition. This sock is designed to keep you warm and has the same functions as all of our other double-layer designs, ensuring you remain blister-free while you take on the cold days ahead.

Less Distraction, More Focus

There’s nothing more annoying than being mid-run and having to stop because your sock has slid down past your heel. Blisters, poor fits, and low-quality material distract us when we’re out on the trail. 

Our double-layer socks come in multiple lengths—low cut, ankle length, and even over the calf. Whatever your preferred comfort is for walking, running, or taking to the mountains, Wrightsock has you covered with our plethora of different cuts, allowing you to focus better on your fitness goals and not the little annoyances in between.

Have Fun With It!

As you buy socks for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, knowing the fitness journey you’re about to embark on, don’t forget to make it fun! 

This year, Wrightsock has multiple designs for the winter season, including Santas, Christmas trees, and even turkeys. Encourage yourself and each other by getting playful with it (and don’t forget: our socks make great stocking stuffers).

Wrightsock: The Anti-Blister Socks to Get You Up and Running

It’s exciting to start anew, whether it’s the new year or your new fitness journey. As we go into 2023 together, don’t forget to invest in yourself by investing in a pair of our double-layer anti-blister socks. Your feet will thank you for it!

Until then, feel free to learn more about our family-run business and eco-friendly practices. For any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out!