A man trekking through snow on skis. A man trekking through snow on skis.
A group of people overlooking a valley. A group of people overlooking a valley.
Two people tying their shoes in the forest Two people tying their shoes in the forest
CoolMesh II

Merino Trail Single Layer Crew

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Merino Trail, Crew, Grey White, Single Layer Product Designation.
Merino Trail, Crew, Grey White.
Merino Trail, Crew, Grey Blue.
Merino Trail, Crew, Grey Fuchsia.
A man running a race.

Run & Walk

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The Double Layer Difference

It’s What’s Inside that Helps You Go the Distance.

Painful blisters, even the threat of blisters, can hinder our performance or stop us in our tracks. Competition and repetition create extreme stress on our feet. These movements cause friction, moisture and heat that can create blisters. The Wrightsock™ Double Layer® absorbs friction that is normally transferred to the skin. Our inner and outer sock layers interact with one another to protect the skin on your feet from abrasion. Our socks wicks moisture off the skin, keeping your feet dry. This wicking means your feet stay more comfortable, cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The blister-free Guarantee

The Wrightsock™ Double Layer® is guaranteed to protect your skin from blisters. The difference is inside. The inner layer positions a smooth, undyed, hydrophobic surface against the foot. It rubs together with the outer layer imperceptibly so that nothing rubs against the skin on your foot.

Coolmesh® II, Double Layer ®, and Anti-Blister System™ are trademarks of Wrightenberry Mills, Inc.

Wrightsock showing off inner and outer layer

Double Layer

Blister Prevention Styles
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Racer, Tab length, Heather Grey sock.

Single Layer

Blister Resistant Styles.
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