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Coolmesh II Quarter Socks are Great

They're all I buy. They're all I've bought for a very long time. I have permanent tan lines from the top of the sock because that's all I wear. Buy these socks, you won't be sorry.

H. Parker
Best socks ever created

These are the only socks I have worn, year round, for ~15 years. I always have ~10 pairs. They last forever, so the value for price is easily worth it. They truly do reduce hotspots and blistering, while at the same time keeping my feet cooler and drier. When my feat sweat, they get cold, which I used to hate 15 years ago, but it never happens any more because of these truly superior socks. They are low profile, so they don't look goofy when you wear w shorts. Maybe you think I'm overdoing it with this review. Maybe you're suspicious. Please don't let your suspicions mess with your feet! Buy at least one pair of these socks.

Lisa H-S
Will take you 500 miles

I wore these to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Twice. Walk # 1 was 500 miles from France to Santiago de Compostela in NW Spain, and Walk # 2 was 180 miles from Porto (Portugal) to SdC and then out to the ocean, at Finisterre , 1 They held up beautifully and I never got a blister. I won't even consider wearing anything else.

Debbie Jean Hopkins
They are the only socks I wear

I've been wearing Coolmesh II Quarter socks (or their predecessors) since 1994ish. They are the only type of socks I wear with my tennis shoes. I love how they take care of my feet. I have to order more... because after wearing them so often, I've worn holes in the heals.

Steven Meunier
The one and only sock

I have tried many brands of socks but only Wrightsock lives up to its no blister guarantee. 50 miles and 100 miles all without a single hot spot!

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