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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      The product is wondereful. The service, not so much.

      1. The order wasn't shipped for nearly a week, and only after I emailed requesting an update on the status.

      2. The tracking number was only accessible by logging into a website with which I am unfamiliar - and did not use for this order. It would be much better to provide the tracking info. In a confirming email.

      Great Sock - perfect fit

      very comfy

      Pretty good stuff.

      A little warmer than I expected. The Coolmesh II regular socks are cooler.

      Almost blister free

      I purchased these for the blister free factor when I hike. I did 6.69 miles up and back down a mountain yesterday which I had a elevation gain of 1748ft and while I didn’t come away blister free, what blisters I did get were for me minimal. I didn’t wear my waterproof Altra Lone Peak 4’s, instead going with my more breathable Altra Lone Peak 4’s and when it was sprinkling my feet and socks did get damp so that might be a contributing factor. Even still, the last time I attempted this hike I only made it 1.5 miles due to such bad blisters I had to limp the same distance back and it took a lil over a week to heal. I really like these socks and they are the only ones I wear now. I have to buy them sparingly due to the price, but the quality is worth it. Maybe y’all could send me a coupon, hahaha.

      Best socks ever!!!

      Cool Mesh II Merino Wool Socks keeps my feet comfortable, dry, and cool.

      I’ve tried so many others, but these are “real keepers.” 😎