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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      Great hiking socks

      I've worn the heavier padded Wright socks for years now and they have been very good overall. I have not had problems with blisters and the padding is appreciated.

      Cushy Socks

      The soles are very comfortable and the two separate layers contribute much to this. I ordered the X-Large as I am right on the upper limit of Large and the lower limit of the X-Large. Thinking the socks would be small or shrink I now have the X-Large. They are a bit tighter than I am used to but time will tell how I like them.

      Great socks but bad customer service

      Had ordered 4 pairs of socks, but received only 3 pairs. Send 2 emails, but never got a replay…….Sorry to say you lost a loyal customer.

      Super Hiking/Backpacking Socks

      Been wearing Wrightsock Adventure since I heard about them at an Appalachian Trail training session at REI. I have been on many training hikes for my upcoming thru-hike and I can't imagine using any other sock. No stinky socks and no blisters from all surfaces.

      Blister free!

      I purchased the crew hiking socks to walk the Camino De Santiago in this past Fall. I use to wear the ultralights for running and loved the solid performance they offered so when it came time to select good socks for my Camino there was no hesitation as to what socks I would buy. These two layered socks prevented blistering and held up extremely well. My feet thanked me for the many days of training beforehand then onto the 38 days of the Camino. I saw many people with blistered feet and was so thankful that I had the right (Wright!) socks for my journey. I highly recommend them for any and all outdoor adventures!