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Super comfortable socks!

Love the built in liner, these sock are incredibly comfortable.

Really nice

I like these a lot. I'm a big merino fan so I was pleased to see Wrightsock offer a merino sock. As expected, these are great for hiking, etc. and prevent blisters and hot-spots. The shaft is taller than I like and is a little tight for me but they slid down easily enough. Good in any temperature; don't be scared off by the wool content!

Great socks, but the seam...

I love the concept of Wright socks. A liner and sock in one. It just makes sense. They generally work very well for preventing blisters on hikes. I did 50 miles in three days recently and did not have a blister. The only gripe I have is with the toe seam. Because they sewed two layers together, the seam at the toe can be really uncomfortable if it gets in the wrong spot. There were times I had to unlace my boots, shift the sock, and relace. I wish they would find a way of reducing the seam. Overall though, they were good enough that I bought two more pairs. I'll take a little adjusting over blisters any day.

Love these socks

It is great to not have to wear a liner and a sock. This sock does the job of both in 1 sock and the best part is no blisters.

Nice socks

Nice socks that don’t move while you hike.

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